Poetry for the Christian Heart

her mighty, the upatoi



The mighty Upatoi stands a sight
For every warrior to behold.
Her lofty banks and subtle creeks
Stand firm from forever days of old.

Unrelenting, total pursuit
To flow from East to West.
Her waters move to places
None could accurately attest.

Victoriously persistent
Around barriers she is.
Every obstacle in her path
Is a matter of total indifference.

Around, over, or beneath-
Anything in her way.
Her rivers flow steadily
All through the night and day.

Her waters are ever aplenty
She nourishes as she goes.
She gives nutrients to the trees,
The boars, the wolves, the crows.

Whimsically yet purposefully
Her waters sustain all life.
Her cause is simply to be,
Though her effect ends much strife.

Refreshing are her contents
To every living thing.
Not even a skeptic hydrophobic can deny
The joy her waters bring.

In nature so delicate,
So nourishing, so calm.
But in battle no man will cross her,
For her defense is too strong.

Oh to be like the mighty Upatoi
Would be something indeed.
My young soldier heart
Desires this above even my creed.

If ever I made an attempt
To be something so great.
I know I’d try and fail
It’s the pattern on my fate.

Teach me to be a solider
Who overflows like this grand beast.
Let me stand as firm,
Unrelenting west to east.

Let consistency be my anthem
That no obstacle can halt.
Around, over, and beneath
These barriers I wish to assault.

Let all of those I meet
Be better because of me.
Let me be always and ever faithful
In this land that is free.

I never want to targetedly strive
To be all I strive to be.
Rather let it come by accident
As a result of intentionality.

I long to be these things;
To be like the Upatoi.
But longstanding is her current,
Never could I share her joy.

This Abram I drive-
Stuck forever in this box of doom.
Forever my lot will be
Where death and destruction loom.

At last at war I’ll be struck down,
My faithful cabin full of blood.
As it spills, red and thick,
A total rampant flood.

Overflowing from my chest,
It steadily streams out.
The gentle river continues,
Gently and calmly about.

I smile at my crewman
as he climbs in and grabs my hand.
In this moment my life fulfilled,
I finally understand.

A warrior’s honorable death
I died in war’s deploy.
Mighty in battle, a blessing in life.
Just like the mighty Upatoi.

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