Jesus Thoughts

Prayer in The Silence


I haven’t heard your voice in some time, but even still there is total peace and comfort in it. Not one time have I asked, “God where are you?” or “Why have you left me?” I feel your presence every moment and I am continually aware of your grace. I can hear this silence as audibly as a voice across the water.

Your silence is full of the richest content that gently and confidently whisper, “I trust you with the silence of my voice.” This intimate trust tells me that I am in the right place and doing the right things. I am totally unsure of my future, but in that I have unwavering peace in your unconditional love. How great are your plans for me and how richly you’ve blessed me in this time of silence and waiting. Every day that I do not hear your voice or see your face I will press more closely into you. In the secret, in the stillness, and in the quiet you are here. Continue to trust me in silence as I learn to trust you in stillness. God, you know my heart and you hear my prayer. Use me to do your work, I will follow where you lead. In all of your ways, so be it.

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